Accent Loveseat With Classic Pieces

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Small Accent Loveseat

Accent loveseat – Not because you have to resort to a small couch you have to lose the great amenities of a normal sofa. Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of sofas size XS but with amenities of best XL.

As you will see in the selection we have gathered there are sofas of all styles and for all tastes such as accent loveseat, with classic pieces to traditional classrooms, other convertible to put in guest rooms, and other design for those who want a modern interior. This discreet two-seater sofa is perfect for small-sized rooms. With just 145 cm wide, this sofa has in comfort all that does not take into space.

Their covers are removable to clean them with comfort and can choose in several colors. It’s discretion, sobriety and small size allow us to place it in any area of the house. Its modern minimalist design makes it an elegant accent loveseat, perfect for everyday use. Ideal in a space with modern design, it has always prepared us your comfortable bed 180 x 110 cm, very easy to open thanks to the click clack mechanism.

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